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Why using a moving service makes sense

Moving into a new house is both exciting and stressful. After house-hunting and mortgage paperwork, there are still the hassles of changing addresses, signing up for utilities, and finding services in a new neighborhood. Of course, one of the biggest challenges remains: moving a life’s worth of possessions from one place to another.

There are two basic methods to execute a move in Chicago: doing it yourself, or hiring a moving service. Most people are familiar with the process of moving themselves, which involves lots of boxes and hopefully enough friends and family to make the heavy lifting bearable. However, not enough people look into why using a moving service makes sense.

So: why use a Chicago moving service? The simplest answer for why to use a moving company is the convenience. Moving companies pack the boxes, load the truck, drive, and unload while the customer relaxes and gives a few instructions.

Risks should also be taken into account. An unappreciated reason to use a moving service is insurance. Moving companies are required by law to carry liability insurance. If something is damaged during a move, the moving service can provide compensation because of this coverage. During a do-it-yourself move, any damage is just an unfortunate side-effect. Do-it-yourself moves also increase the likelihood of damage, as moving services are run by professional movers who have experience in packing and protecting boxes. They also know how to load their truck to minimize the chances of shifting and breaking.

Finally, a lowered anxiety level is a great reason why to use a moving service. Packing boxes is stressful. Heavy lifting is stressful. Loading a truck so everything fits is stressful. The most stressful part of a do-it-yourself move, though, may be actually driving the truck. Amateur truck drivers often have a hard time navigating narrow streets, checking blind spots, and avoiding accidents.

Moving services are convenient, economical, less risky, and lower in stress. Before deciding on a do-it-yourself move, it makes a lot of sense to consider all the reasons to use a moving service instead. You know that in this day and age we all could save a little money. Moving these days with gas and all going higher, you want to save as much with your moving needs and still get quality care and handling of your possessions. The Chicago affordable movers, work with low overhead and highly trained moving professionals to get your move done quickly.

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