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Speeding Tickets

One of the more frequent offences that drivers get caught with in Toronto is speeding. It is done regularly, however, when you get caught, it can be a very annoying thing. Some of the offences can range from speeding in a residential area, where the speed limits in Toronto ranges from 40 – 50 kilometers per hour. The reason for this is that in residential neighbourhoods, there are schools with children and parents walking, so as a driver, you need to be careful and not drive too excessively over the speed limit or you will be I serious trouble.

When driving on a main street in Toronto, the speed limit tends to be between 50 – 60 kilometers per hour, with 60 being the majority speed limit throughout the city. In areas where it is 50, you need to adjust your speed because when driving 60, it is important to slow down or you will also run the risk of being stopped. There are some Toronto city streets that allow you to drive upwards to 70 and even 80 kilometers per hour, however, 60 is the common speed, with constant patrolling taking place. That is why, it is very common that you can get a ticket, a lot of patrolling and many adjustments need to be made.

When driving on the highway, the speed limit ranges from 90 – 100 kilometers per hour. Again police cars patrolling the streets making sure that no one goes too much over the speed limit and runs the risk of being punished with a serious offence. If you have been stopped for speeding and you have exceeded the limit where you will have your demerit points affected and not only be given a fine, then you need to contact a Lighthouse Legal lawyer that will be able to right the wrong and clear your record.

With Lighthouse Legal, you will have many options to choose how you want to deal with the handling of your offence, from having it go to court, and challenging the speed limit that you went over. There are now laws in Ontario that you will need to adhere to because if you drive 50 over the limit, you run the risk of losing your licence and having your vehicle taken away from you. Be sure that you do not allow this to happen and to choose a traffic ticket company in Toronto, to assist you with your speeding ticket infraction.

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