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Most Exciting Batman Game for Xbox

What’s that in the night skies above Gotham? Get your cape, utility belt, bat-copter—or how about just an Xbox controller? With Batman for Xbox, that’s all you need to be the Batman: an Xbox console, a TV, a controller, and somewhere to sit. Preferably you should pick somewhere comfortable to sit: It’s going to be a long night in Gotham. In this Batman review you’ll find out why you’ve got to fire up your Xbox for Batman Arkham City – sure, there’s version of Batman for Playstation too, but you’ll thank me that you tried it on your Xbox.

What’s Next Gen. Batman Like?

Batman Arkham City – the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum—you play as Batman and battle your way through hordes of convicts and some memorable villains. The combat system is identical to its predecessor and is relatively easy to get a handle on. Batman employs an arsenal of brawling and stealth techniques to overcome his enemies, while using his detective skills to solve the mysteries left by the likes of The Joker and others. What’s new to Arkham City is the cast of characters, the storyline, the sheer scope of the playable environment, and even a handful of new playable characters. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s put on a pot of bat-coffee and get to it.

What’s new to Arkham?

First things first: the cast. Arkham City boasts one of the best lineups of villains ever and some great voice actors, such as Mark Hamill stepping in as The Joker. In addition to the villains, players get the opportunity to download extra characters from the Xbox marketplace including Catwoman and Nightwing, who can be used in challenge mode (more on this later), or—in the case of Catwoman—in their own campaign. The game is no longer confined to the walls of the asylum either, as Batman now has a free environment to explore, which opens up doors to side quests and hidden areas offering unlockable content and added experience for The Bat. The game doesn’t end with the primary campaign, either. After finishing the campaign, Arkham City has a challenge mode in which Batman for Xbox —or a few other, downloadable characters—face over twenty-five unique challenges. There are also a plethora of hidden items scattered throughout the game by The Riddler which unlock hidden content. As if all that weren’t enough, the storyline is completely original, as the game series was awarded its own universe, giving its creators free creative control. Let’s just say, you won’t be disappointed with the story, the villains, the battles, or the new direction Batman takes in this epic Xbox title.

Batman Arkham City 2019 Edition?

There was a lot of rumor online about Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City being remastered this year for PS4 and Xbox consoles. According to this survey that was conducted by the game developers, majority of people voted games to be remastered.

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