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Make Money Online With Affiliate Program Marketing

Before I get started let me say that I’m not an Internet marketing guru. I don’t have a product to sell you. I’m actually a guy like you, who until recently was confused about affiliate marketing. And I’m still learning and building my affiliate marketing business. But I’m doing it – finally!

What you read here is absolutely, 100% true. It relates to my experience trying to learn how to make money online with affiliate program marketing. There is a lot of hype and b.s. out there that just makes you more confused about affiliate marketing.

But you have my word, what you read here is straight and as clear as I can make it. I found answers that helped me solve the affiliate marketing mystery, and I want to share them with others like you who are searching. Yes I am now an affiliate for some of the products I found most helpful – because I use them every day. I believe in them and believe they will help you, too.

So if you’re looking for answers, let’s get started.

Not long ago, I was completely confused about affiliate marketing – and especially how to make money online with affiliate program marketing. There were so many sites competing for my time (and my money). And I spent quite a bit of both. Not thousands of dollars, but certainly many hundreds. And after months of reading, searching, posting, asking, begging, pleading, I felt like even more confused about affiliate marketing than I was at the start.

My first “real” affiliate program marketing site was “slapped” within two days by Google.

I decided to give it a try and create my first real affiliate program marketing site. I spent weeks working on it. I’m not a web designer or program, so it was hard. But the site was beautiful. I had no idea how to drive traffic to the site, so I started placing Google Adwords PPC ads. Within a few days (and after spending over two hundred dollars on ads, without one sale) my site got “slapped” by Google. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. Just suffice to say that the minimum cost of my ads went up to around $5 per click overnight.

Well there were some affiliate programs I joined and tried but had no success what so ever. That is until this new program was released – Parallel Profits. Created by two internet marketing gurus Aidan and Steven both very popular in the marketing world. They have a new system that according to numerous positive reviews online, such as, is a brand new tactic, something that was never revealed publicly. By all the buzz going on and so many reviews poping up it seems that this program is legit and that it actually makes you money.

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