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How to Identify Roof Damage

How can you identify roof damage for your home? For starters, look around the area to see if there are any signs of other damage around the house, such as fallen trees or branches. Next, inspect the roof area and look for small scrapes or tears, both on the shingles and on the main roof. Damaged shingles appear darker than sturdy ones. You should also look for missing substrate and broken tiles. It is also shrewd thinking to enter your attic and check for signs of water leaking, often visible through water stains.

Once you see evidence of roof damage, it is imperative to contact a professional to help you. Hiring a top roofing company in Cleveland Ohio will result in fast service, affordable service, and most of all it will guarantee the work and your safety.

Roof Repair Company

Hail damage to your roof is scary, considering how much money you could be out. The best way to protect your home against hail is to invest in higher caliber materials, such as metal, slate or asphalt. In addition to using more durable materials you can also install special impact-resistant materials to your roof, minimizing the threat of hail damage.

When you shop for this special material make sure you see the high UL 2218 standard prominently, as this is the industry’s best selection, and is proven to resist hailing. Hail damage is costly, so when it counts, always use a professional (such as Cleveland Roof Replacement) for your roof needs.

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