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Digital SLR Camera vs a Point and Shoot

When you are looking at buying a new camera there are a lot of tech specs and other information you need to sift through just to get to the bottom of which one is best for you. To cut down on the amount of sifting you need to do, however, you can decide which type of camera you want ahead of time. There are many differences between a Hasselblad digital SLR camera and a Hasselblad compact digital camera. Which would be best for you?

First, you need to look at the differences. The main difference is that a Hasselblad compact digital camera is easier to use for the casual photographer. If you are looking to take pictures at birthday parties and just document vacations and other kinds of memory capturing, this might be the camera for you. When you look into the viewfinder of a Hasselblad compact digital camera all of the technical parts of picture taken are done automatically. With a Hasselblad digital SLR camera, however, you need to worry about aperture, shutter lag, and ISO range. For those who are looking to create more artistic works of photography, this kind of camera is sure to be a pleasure to use. This, again, is for more accomplished photographers but can also be used as a training camera for yourself if you would like to learn more about the art of photography. There are a lot of reviews sites with quite detailed Hasselblad cameras reviews, such as this Hasselblad X1D-50C review – Reviews will give you much better idea of what camera type you really need.

Of course there are the general dissimilarities like size and weight. A lot of the smaller cameras these days are small enough to slip into your pocket. This makes them more portable and easier to keep track of than their larger cousins. Though it is true, however, that the larger cameras can take higher quality photos (just ask the sports and concert photographers) than the smaller cameras. This is mostly because you can manually adjust to whatever conditions you are in. It’s also a result of the fact that SLR cameras are crammed full of more features than the smaller compacts. That’s not to say that you can’t take good photographs with a compact camera! It all depends on what you want to use the camera for.

For some the SLR is an overwhelming piece of equipment and they would be happier with a small point and shoot camera. For others, an SLR is how they make their art and capture their memories. Which one is right for you?

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