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A Closer Look On A Pest Control Method

There are several pest control methods that can be utilized today but one pest control method acts by suffocation of the pests and it is the method called space fumigation. Space fumigation is a pest control method where in gaseous pesticides called fumigants are released into the air in order to poison the pests within an enclosed space. This type of pest control is commonly used in buildings, garden sheds, grain, produce and soil. It can also be used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer of exotic organisms. The gases released will kill all the existing pests and targets all its life stages. This is a very expensive procedure and thus individuals or establishments who can afford the costs can utilize this method.

There are several chemicals that are used in this type of pest control method some of which are: 1 3-dichloropropene, formaldehyde, phosphine, chloropicrin, iodoform, sulphuryl fluorideand methyl isocyanate. Such chemical are hazardous and expert pest control personnel are required do this method.

When doing space fumigation in houses, all the plants and animals must be removed and during the procedure, there should be no residents of the house going near to the treated house. Food should be sealed and removed from the house as well. There should be available bags to be used by the fumigators. As the fumigators work in the house, they will secure the house with its own locks and cover the entire house with a heavy tarp which is a process known as tenting. Antennas and any objects attached to the roof must be removed and the ground around the house should be cleared of plants and thoroughly watered in order that the fumigant will not leach into the soil.

Regarding the amount and concentration to be applied on the house, the condition of the infestation is taken into consideration and it generally varies with every house. The pesticide remain in the house for up to as 48 hours. After such time, the tent is removed and the house is aerated with fans. All the doors and windows of the house are opened to allow the outside air to circulate within the house. Aeration lasts for up to eight hours and after such time then the house becomes habitable again. The house must be certified as safe to enter after aeration and a re-entry notice must be posted on the house. Same procedure is done when fumigating buildings but then the process takes more time as wider spaces need to be treated.

Space fumigation allows for complete annihilation of the pests within the enclosed spaces. Furthermore, spaces treated with fumigants needs to be closely monitored still for the re occurrence of pest infestation. After the treatment, the area will be totally free from the pests. Houses, garden sheds and building structures can benefit greatly from this procedure. The amount spend for this procedure definitely is worth the amount. Pest control methods are effective for different types of pests but with space fumigation, all pests are surely targets for complete annihilation.

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